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November 22, 2013

Help Massa Organics Go Biodiesel

CUESA is proud to be an official endorser of Massa Organics on Kiva Zip, a nonprofit that supports socially impactful small businesses with interest-free, crowd-funded loans. Greg Massa and Raquel Krach hope to borrow $4,700 for a biodiesel processor, which will enable them to convert vegetable oil into biodiesel to power their farm tractors, thus reducing their dependence on fossil fuels. Please consider loaning Greg and Raquel $25 (or whatever amount you are able) so that they can make their farm more environmentally and economically sustainable. Learn more and become a lender.

UPDATE November 24, 2013: Massa Organics’ goal was reached in just five days! Thanks to everyone who contributed. Greg Massa wrote on Facebook:

WOW! What a surprise to wake up this morning and find that our Kiva Zip loan had been fully funded in just 5 days! In the end 61 people loaned us a total of $4700 to complete the purchase of our Springboard Biodiesel processor. We’re so amazed and humbled by your faith in us and our business. Thank you all so much!! And a special thanks to CUESA & The Ferry Plaza Farmers Market for sponsoring us, and to Kiva for providing the platform to make it possible!


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