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December 07, 2007

Letters From Town School

Town School card
illustration: Stefan

On October 30, a group of 44 fourth graders from Town School for Boys visited the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market for a field trip.

Town School card
illustration: Stefan

On October 30, a group of 44 fourth graders from Town School for Boys visited the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market for a field trip. The thank-you letters they wrote have brought a lot of joy to us here in the CUESA office, and we thought we’d share a few of their notes and illustrations with our readers.

Dear Farmer’s,
I had a really good time at the farmers market. I thought that the smoked salmon and the information about bugs was good. I think being a farmer would be very, very hard. I hope that you bring in a very good harvest this fall and the rest of the year.

To our friends at the Farmers’ Market-
I liked visiting your market today. It was lots of fun. My favorite part was tasting and looking at the apples. I never knew how many types of apples there were! My favorite fruit was the blackberrys.
P.S. I liked the food!!!

Dear Farmers,
Thank you so so much for letting us come to the farmers market!! I really enjoyed the trip. All the fresh foods were such a treat for my taste buds!! My favorite foods were the apples, potatoes, peppers & more. I will defintly come again.

Dear farmers,
Your food was so good! Thank you for having us at the farmers market. I had a great time tasting your food. There was so many good fruits and vegetables. My favorite part was seeing and tasting new foods I never heard of. I hope we can go back to the farmers market again!

Town School card
illustration: Henry

Dear our friends at the farmers’ market,
Thank you for selling fresh food and organic goods. You are a nice bunch of people and very hard workers. I love going to the farmers market because there is so much food and goods. My favorite food there are the grapes. Also thank you for doing this I rather go to the farmers market than the grocery store. Thanks again.
Your customer,

Dear Farmers,
I had a lot of fun at your market. There were a lot of things to look at. It is amazing that food can be so good, even when it’s being grown from under ground or from bushes. When I was smaller, I thought that fruit tasted really bad. But now that I’m older it’s a ton better.
Your friend Mattie

Town School card
illustration: Mike C.

Dear friends at the farmer’s market,
Hello, Michael here, I really enjoyed the farmer’s market. I really appreciate all the really tasty crops, fruits, and vegetables you grew all for us, thank you.
Mike C.

Dear Farmers Market,
Thank you for answering all are questions. The food was great. You are growing all your food very well. My granfather is a farmer, too. It was very interesting. It much be hard working on a farm. Mostly waking up early and going to sleep late. Everything is good. So ceep up the good work.
Thakes again.


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