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Kicking Food Waste to the Curb

You’ve probably heard the figures: a staggering 40% of the food grown in this country is never eaten. And wasted food is not only sad, but it means lost money, energy, water, and human effort. The good news is that our nation is finally beginning to pay attention and take action. This panel of experts will discuss creative ways companies are addressing the problem, and how you can be part of the solution.

Ben Simon, founder and CEO of Imperfect, will share how his company rescues produce that’s too ugly for grocery stores and delivers it at an affordable price to Bay Area subscribers. Maisie Ganzler, the architect behind Bon Appétit Management Company’s sustainability and education initiatives, will describe how her nationally recognized foodservice company reduces waste at every level of their operations, from the farm (through their Imperfectly Delicious purchasing program) to food recovery. Dana Gunders, scientist for the Natural Resources Defense Council and author of The Waste Free Kitchen Handbook, will share fun and easy tips for reducing spoilage, reviving wilted produce, and putting a stop to food waste at home.


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