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Monthly Giving: Become a CUESA Cultivator

Join a group of committed supporters who believe in the importance of local farms and food access at this critical time. By making a monthly gift to CUESA, you ensure that your farmers market thrives and adapts through the current crisis and beyond.

For the past 27 years, you have been here with us, growing thriving communities through the power and joy of local food. More than ever, the COVID-19 crisis has proven the importance of strong local food systems and connected communities. Since the pandemic, food insecurity has soared in California, and the number of families using CalFresh has doubled at our farmers markets. Meanwhile, our farmers have lost up to 70% of their income due to restaurant closures, threatening their livelihoods and future viability.

As a CUESA Cultivator, you know how vital it is that small family farmers have access to markets so they can keep farming. You believe we all need fresh, delicious food to be healthy and happy. And you’ve experienced how much this market community of farmers, eaters, teachers, cooks, and kids has enriched your life. 

You can provide much-needed, ongoing support for CUESA’s farmers, farmers markets, and free public education programs. By joining our core group of regular supporters you are ensuring that everyone has access to fresh, healthy food, and investing in the next generation of farmers, so that they will be here for us for years to come. Become a CUESA Cultivator today.

Interested in making a one-time gift or learning about other ways to support CUESA? Click here.

“I support CUESA because I love their youth education programs. It’s super important for kids to get introduced to healthy, fresh, local food, and CUESA provides this experience for lots of kids who wouldn’t have it otherwise. Plus, I know firsthand that they have an awesome time doing it! Also, CUESA manages two of my favorite farmers markets, and I can’t imagine living without them. I know they’ve had to cancel their regular fundraising events, so our support is more crucial than ever.”

Charlie Osborne, CUESA Cultivator and Volunteer (pictured above)

Your tax-deductible donation directly supports CUESA’s work to grow thriving communities through the power and joy of local food. Have questions? Please contact us: [email protected]



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