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A Sustainable Food System

The Four Pillars of a Sustainable Food System

A food system is the interrelationship of agricultural systems, their economic, social, cultural, and technological support systems, and systems of food distribution and consumption. A sustainable food system uses practices that are environmentally sound, humane, economically viable, and socially just.

Environmentally Sound

Producers actively work to create and sustain cultivated landscapes that are complex, diverse and balanced biological systems. Producers use practices that conserve and restore resources. Learn more »


While being raised, animals are allowed to engage in the natural behaviors that are important to their wellbeing, and are harvested in ways that minimize stress to the animals and the environment. Learn more »

Economically Viable

Producers operate within a framework of sound business planning and pursue integrated and proactive approaches to marketing and sales. Learn more »

Socially Just

Producers and their employees receive fair and reasonable compensation and work in a safe and respectful environment. Learn more »

CUESA’s Sustainability Frameworks

These documents spell out CUESA’s guiding principles and best practices in sustainable food production.



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