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Roasted Vegetables with Soy-Roasted Cashews and Soy-Yuzu Aioli


Evan Gotanda, Salt House

This recipe was demonstrated for CUESA’s Market to Table program on October 15, 2016.

Serves 8-10


Soy-Roasted Cashews
1 cup raw cashews
2 ounces soy sauce

Soy-Yuzu Aioli
2 egg yolks    
2 ounces soy sauce
2 ounces yuzu juice
2 cups neutral oil

Roasted Vegetables
1 small kabocha squash
1 pound parsnips
1 bunch baby carrots
1 bunch radishes (flambeau or easter egg variety preferred)
1 small head cauliflower
Olive oil
Harissa spice (a Moroccan spice blend made up of dried chili flakes, garlic, coriander, caraway seeds, and spearmint)
Furikake (a Japanese seasoning made up of seaweed, sesame seeds, salt, and sugar)
1 bunch purslane
½ pint petite hearts on fire (substitute sorrel)


To make the cashews: Place the cashews in a plastic bag with the soy sauce. Let sit for a few hours, shaking every 20 minutes or so. Pre-heat the oven to 300°F. Strain the excess soy sauce from the bag and place the cashews on a foil-lined tray. Bake for about 10 minutes, or until the soy sauce starts to caramelize.

To make the aioli: Whisk the egg yolks, soy sauce, and yuzu juice together. Slowly drizzle in the oil while continuing to whisk. Add oil until the mixture starts to thicken. You want it thick enough to be able to hold its shape. You may not need all the oil.

To prepare the vegetables: Preheat the oven to 450°F. Peel the kabocha squash and parsnips. Remove the seeds from the squash cavity and cut into quarters. Trim the tops off the baby carrots and radishes. Wash them under cold water. Put each vegetable on its own sheet tray (including the whole cauliflower) and drizzle with olive oil. Season everything with salt and pepper and dust generously with harissa spice.

Roast the vegetables in the oven. The carrots and radishes should take about 8-10 minutes. The parsnips, cauliflower and squash should take about 12-15 minutes. You want the vegetables to be dark golden brown and fork-tender.

Once cooked, allow the vegetables to cool a bit, then trim them into bite-size pieces.

To plate the dish: Smear a generous amount of the soy aioli on the bottom of each plate, or on a platter. Arrange the vegetable mixture on top of the aioli. Place a few cashews around the vegetables. Sprinkle a bit of furikake over everything. Finish by placing a few pieces of the purslane and hearts on fire (or sorrel) throughout.

Photo by Ariana Vanrenen.


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