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Cap'n Mike's Holy Smoke





Cap’n Mike and Sally Hiebert and Dana Machado


Before the salmon called him, Cap’n Mike was a Methodist minister and pastoral counselor. In the late 1980s he moved to Bodega Bay and became a licensed sea captain, catching and smoking King salmon. He smokes all of his fish in the time-honored tradition of the Pacific Northwest, slowly over Alderwood fire in a custom-made. Cap’n Mike’s smoked fish is then vacuum packed. 


When he started, the Cap’n caught all his own fish, but as the business expanded, he began to rely on other fisherfolk. All fish are wild and from the Pacific Ocean. All products are free of chemicals, nitrates, and preservatives. 

Fun Fact

Cap’n Mike and Sally have been doing farmers markets in the Bay Area since 1988. In the early 1990s, Sally was a customer at the Marin Farmers Market with her eye on the “salmon dude.” Turns out he had his eye on her, too! They got married on Bodega Head.


Rohnert Park, California


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