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Casa Rosa Farms


Rachel and Anthony da Rosa, along with 2 full-time employees.


222 acres in Brooks, Guinda, and Esparto, California.


Rachel and Anthony met after college when they were both living in Oakland, and they bonded over their shared passion for the rural life. Anthony grew up on a farm; in the 1960s, his family immigrated to the Central Valley from the Azores Islands in Portugal and bought land to raise dairy cattle. Rachel had homesteading parents who kept horses and a garden. In 2008, the couple moved back to Anthony’s family farm. Inspired by agroecology, a whole-systems approach to farming, they decided they would integrate livestock and orchards to create a diversified farm, and eventually settled in the Capay Valley. As part of the Capay Valley Meat Growers group, they share space with Pasture 42 at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market on Saturdays.


Certified organic by California Certified Organic Farmers since 2009


Woodland, California


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