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Cypress Flower Farm


Randy Dardenelle and his sons, Shawn and Blake, along with 4 full-time and 2 part-time employees.


12 acres in Moss Beach, about 25 miles from the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market.

Farm History

Cypress Flower Farm grows between 70 and 80 varieties of flowers every year. Seeds are planted directly in the fields, and flowers are harvested the day before they go to the farmers market. Randy sells his flowers directly to consumers through farmers markets and sells any overflow through wholesalers. Farming since 1988, Randy maintains soil fertility by adding compost, aged manure, raw organic matter, and synthetic fertilizers; mulching; and planting cover crops. He does not use synthetic pesticides or herbicides. In the last 10 years, Randy has doubled the size of his frog pond to encourage native plants.




Loam treated with compost and cover crops.

Water Use

An on-site well is used for a sprinkler irrigation system.

Weed Control

Hand and machine cultivation and mulching.

Fun Fact

Cypress Flower Farm dedicates over an acre of land to composting.


Moss Beach, California


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