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Della Fattoria





Kathleen, Edmund, and Aaron Weber, along with 7 full-time and 3 part-time employees.


Kathleen began baking bread full time in 1995 and her husband and their son have since joined in the business. Della Fattoria’s breads are baked in brick ovens heated with wood fires. Their hand-shaped loaves are baked directly on the hearth, using heat stored in the bricks. Della Fattoria uses a natural starter started many years ago with organic flour, water, and Weber Ranch grapes; it is fed two to three times a day with organic flour and water.


All of the ingredients in Della Fattoria’s breads are organic with the exception of the olives, which are naturally grown in Kalamata, Greece. Flour comes from mills that source wheat from Oregon, Utah, North Dakota, and California. All breads are leavened with their natural starter, hydrated with pure well water, and salted with coarse grey sea salt from Brittany. Olive oils, fruits, nuts, eggs, butter, honey, and seeds are sourced locally, some from the Webers’ own property (and their flock of 60 hens). Sugar for pastries comes from C&H.

Fun Fact

Della Fattoria means “from the farm” in Italian. The name is a reference to the 14-acre homestead where Kathleen and Edmund live and bake.


Petaluma, California


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