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Returns March 17, 2022

Downtown Bakery





Kathleen Stewart, along with 23 employees.


In 1987, Kathleen and two friends, all former employees of Chez Panisse, opened an old-fashioned full-service bakery in downtown Healdsburg. All of Downtown Bakery’s products are mixed, rolled, shaped, and cut by hand, and then baked in either an old-style tile pizza oven or rack ovens.


Depending on the season, as much as 90% of Downtown Bakery’s ingredients are certified organic. The bakery uses a natural sourdough starter, Clover-Stornetta and Petaluma Farms eggs, cane sugar, and fresh fruits. All flours are organic and sourced from a South San Francisco-based mill that buys grains grown in the western United States. Many of the fruits and nuts in Downtown Bakery’s products are sourced from Sonoma County growers.

Fun Fact

Downtown Bakery was one of the first vendors at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market in 1993. They have been here on Saturdays ever since.


Healdsburg, California


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