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Far West Fungi


John and Toby Garrone and their sons, Kyle, Ian, Loren, and Sean, along with 21 full-time and 2 part-time employees.


60,000 square feet of warehouses located in Moss Landing, approximately 92 miles from the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market.

Farm History

John’s involvement with mushrooms began in 1977 while working for the City of San Francisco on the Police Officers’ Association Gym in Hunter’s Point shipyard. There he met a man who grew mushrooms, with whom he eventually became partners in a business called Miracle Mushrooms. In 1987, John and Toby partnered with Jim Hammond, who started Hazel Dell Mushrooms in his garage in 1980. By 1990, consumer demand for exotic mushrooms necessitated a move out of the garage, and the business relocated into a decommissioned White Button cultivation facility in Watsonville. That facility is now home to Far West Fungi.

Moss Landing’s coastal fog creates a perfect growing climate for mushrooms—temperatures are low and air moist throughout most of the year. Skilled care and attention are given to their mushrooms when growing, harvesting, grading, and packing. John and Toby use a balance of modern and traditional growing techniques to maintain quality mushrooms while ensuring minimal impact on the environment. Mushrooms are grown on bran and red oak sawdust from a local wood fibers company.


California Certified Organic Farmer (CCOF) since 1995. The mushrooms grown on the farm are 100% certified organic. Far West Fungi also sells some conventionally grown mushrooms from a nearby farm.


Mushrooms are grown on bran and red oak sawdust (from a local wood fibers company).

Water Use

A local well provides all water.

Pest Management

Mouse traps and sterilization are used.

Fun Fact

In 2005, John Garrone received a proclamation from the San Francisco Board of Supervisors designating him San Francisco’s “Official Mushroom Man.”


Moss Landing, California


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