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Gavel's Farm





Sergii and Tanya Gavelovskiy, their sons Daniel and Mark, and their nephews Val and Mark


25 greenhouses sit on 2.5 acres in Winters, about 70 miles from the market.

Farm History

Sergii built his first greenhouse in 1999 in the republic of the Ukraine, where he grew vegetables for his family and community. Three months after starting out, he harvested his first cucumbers. Over the next 20years, Sergii grew his farming operation into a sustainable business with the help of his wife, Tanya, and started growing a variety of vegetables in their greenhouses, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, and sweet peppers. In 2015, Sergii and his family emigrated to Sacramento, where they continued to develop and improve their greenhouse system. In 2016, Sergii leased the Bruins Farms greenhouses in Winters to grew vegetables for local farmers markets. When the Bruins family retired, Gavel’s Farm took over the leased greenhouses and now have their own operation.




Gavel’s Farm uses organically certified fertilizers, which are introduced into the ground before transplanting.

Water Use

On-site wells and drip irrigation with little sprinklers that spray a one-square-foot area.

Energy Use

To reduce the energy used in their greenhouses, the Bruins built a biomass heating system that runs on locally available walnut shells. They also use heat-trapping blankets.

Pest Management

Greenhouses help keep out pests and control temperature and humidity to reduce risk of disease by circulating the air with fans. They also release beneficial insects. Greenhouses greatly reduce weed populations.

Fun Fact

All sorts of animals have made homes for themselves at the farm. One year, 13 turtles hatched out of eggs that had been laid in one of the greenhouses!


Winters, California


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