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Green Thumb Organics

Rudy Jimenez_Green Thumb Organics


Rudy Jimenez, along with 2 full- and 4 part-time employees.


4 acres in San Juan Bautista, 90 miles from the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market.


As a fourth-generation farmer, Rudy Jimenez has farming in his blood. Growing up in Salinas, Rudy was confronted with a choice by his father, who had been working on a conventional farm for 30 years: either go to school or end up in the fields. Rudy made a decision to stay in agriculture, but to do it his own way.

He now runs Green Thumb Organics, a certified organic farm in San Juan Bautista, while offering health education programs for children of farmworkers in the area. Farm-fresh meals are offered to the children who visit his farm. Green Thumb Organics serves families, formerly incarcerated, and migrant youth by promoting healthy eating habits and advocacy for environmental, economic, and social justice. 

Fun Fact

Rudy creates nature-based art and mentors youth, community organizers, and educators in food justice through the organization Urban Arts Collaborative.


San Juan Bautista, California


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