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Happy Acre Farm

Happy Acre Farm


Helena & Matthew Sylvester (wife and husband team)


3.5 acres in Sunol, 37 miles from the Jack London Square Farmers Market


Helena and Matthew, first-generation farmers, became interested in food and more conscious about they were eating through watching food documentaries. They began visiting farmers markets and eventually started working for farmers. Soon enough, Helena and Matthew found themselves searching for land close to their home of Oakland and so Happy Acre Farm was born in the town of Sunol.


Certified organic by California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) since 2014.


Crop rotation, mulching and compost.

Water Use

Rain fall, municipal water source and drip irrigation.

Pest Management

Crop rotation, resistant crops, hand-removal and habitat for beneficial insects.

Fun Fact

In addition to selling at farmers markets, Happy Acre Farm runs a 3-season CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) veggie box. Visit their website to sign up for the next season.


Sunol, California


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