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Happy Boy Farms

happy boy farms


Greg Beccio, along with 65 full- and 15 part-time employees


About 260 acres total in Santa Cruz, Gilroy, Hollister, Chowchilla, and San Martin, between 75 and 150 miles to San Francisco


Happy Boy has been a certified organic farm since its inception in 1989. To farmer Greg Beccio, organic practices support the health of the farms’ workers while cultivating the health of the land. His farming philosophy embraces ecological practices like planting hedgerows for pollinators and seed saving.

The farm also supports worker health by hiring physical and massage therapists to teach and care for employees. Over the years, Happy Boy has grown to sites in neighboring counties with an array of soils and microclimates to provide ongoing full-time work for workers as well as a wider range of produce for markets. All products are harvested, washed, and packed by hand.

Fun Fact

During peak season, the farm harvests more than 20 varieties of tomatoes.


Santa Clara County, California


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