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Hayes Street Grill/Vicolo Pizza

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Patricia Unterman and Richard Sander, along with 8 farmers market helpers, all of whom are also part of the restaurant’s 45-person staff.


Hayes Street Grill, a “neo-traditional fish house,” was opened in 1979 by a group of friends and has become a San Francisco institution. Patricia and Richard opened Vicolo Pizzeria (in an alley behind their restaurant) in 1984 and now sell Vicolo pizzas at several local groceries.


Hayes Street Grill uses many organic ingredients in the dishes they serve at the farmers market, including pasture-raised eggs from Rolling Oaks Ranch. Much of their fresh produce is sourced from local farms, some of whom sell at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market. Bread is from Acme Bread Company and seafood is from Monterey Fish Market, a distributor that sources primarily from West Coast fisheries. Bacon is from Hobbs, a local company. Pizza crusts are made with organic cornmeal from California-grown corn. Organic flour for the crust is made from wheat grown in the United States and Canada. Olive oil is from California.

Fun Fact

Hayes Street Grill, this market’s very first restaurant, sold spicy grilled corn to raise funds to start the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market.


San Francisco, California


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