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The Honey Ladies

Tory Putnam





Wendy Towner, Francisco Aguilera, and 13 part-time employees.


Hives around the Bay Area.


This family-run honey purveyor got its start over 30 years ago as Morganic Hilltop Crops. Wendy and her husband, Francisco, have been running their beekeeping operation in Los Gatos since 2009. As lifelong “bee collectors,” Wendy and Francisco have rescued hundreds of hives of European honeybees from extermination. Wendy takes the rescued bees to join Bay Area hives, which can be rented for pollination services by farmers, gardeners, homeowners, or backyard beekeepers. The bees collect pollen from lavender, sage, blackberry, and many other plants, which lend distinct flavors to many varietals of raw, unfiltered honey offered by The Honey Ladies. 


By nature, bees tend to gather nectar from flowers nearest to their hives. They then deposit the nectar into their hive, let the moisture evaporate, and cap the honeycomb. The Honey Ladies take the honeycomb to a centrifuge to extract the honey, then pour it into bottles.


Fun Fact

The Honey Ladies share their bee knowledge with local schools by request.


Los Gatos, California


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