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La Crêpe a Moi

Tory Putnam


Rebekka and DJ Dahmani, along with 4 part-time employees.


After years working in Paris restaurants, Rebekka and DJ Dahmani came to the Bay Area to recreate the Parisienne crêperie at farmers markets using local ingredients. La Crêpe à Moi is a French-American family-owned business and has been serving authentic French crêpes around the Bay Area since 2009. 


La Crêpe à Moi’s sweet and savory crêpes are made with organic white flour and organic gluten-free buckwheat flour. Local ingredients such as strawberries, tomatoes, spinach, and eggs are bought directly from the farmers market.

Fun Fact

La Crêpe à Moi uses a French recipe for their crêpe batter.


Alameda, California


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