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Lagier Ranches


John Lagier and his wife, Casey Havre, along with 3 full-time employees.


80 acres in Escalon, about 79 miles from the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market.

Farm History

John started farming in 1979 with an 80-acre almond orchard and 18 acres of cherries. In the early 1990s, he transitioned to organic practices. The farm’s mission statement reads, “Lagier Ranches recognizes its responsibility as a steward of the Earth. This value is reflected in environmentally conscious use of water, energy, and other resources with our organic farming practices. This is a socially responsible organization based on a sound ethic of fairness to customers, employees, regulatory agencies, and our community.”

John and Casey met at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market in 2004. At their stand, they also sell handmade jams, jellies, marmalades, and other fruit preserves under Casey’s Loulou’s Garden label.


California Certified Organic Farmer (CCOF) since 1997. Lagier is currently applying for a Bee Better certification.


The farm’s Veritas fine sandy loam soil is amended with compost, ground limestone, gypsum, and sulfate of potash. Fish emulsion, compost teas, seaweed, and legumes, planted as cover crops, add essential plant nutrients and organic matter to the soil. Additionally, the cover crops provide a habitat for beneficial insects while preventing soil erosion and compaction.

Water Use

Lagier uses furrow irrigation for the sweet corn, flood irrigation for the almonds, drip irrigation for the berries, and micro-sprinklers for the cherries and Paw Paws.

Weed Control

Hoeing, mowing, and cultivation. No-till practices are used in the orchards. The planting of annual and perennial cover crops crowd out weeds.

Pest Management

Lagier has developed a multi-prong strategy for handling pests: traps and owl boxes reduce gopher populations, parasitic wasps control insect pests, and cold water blasts on hot days control mites.

Fun Fact

John is a fourth-generation farmer on his land. His great-grandfather raised mules and dry-farmed wheat and barley; his grandfather farmed grapes and raised cattle, and his parents grew melons, tomatoes, grapes, and almonds.


Escalon, California


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