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LeftCoast GrassFed

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Kathy Webster and 2 full-time employees


About 1,800 acres in Pescadero, about 45 miles from the Mission Community Market.


LeftCoast GrassFed is an initiative of TomKat Ranch in Pescadero, a nonprofit educational foundation dedicated to regenerative ranching. The Animal Welfare Approved ranch offers pasture-raised Hereford and Devon-Angus beef, but it is more than a place to raise cattle. Kathy and her team also host scientists from organizations like Point Blue Conservation Science to measure and track soil health, local weather, biodiversity, and changes in water sources over time. The goal of the ranch is not only to provide high-quality meat, but to become a center for research and development of tools to promote carbon farming, a form of climate-friendly pasture management that aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by putting them back into the soil.


Certified by American Grassfed Association and Animal Welfare Approved.

Fun Fact

Homesteaders named Honsiger first farmed on the ranch in the mid-1800s. Structures they built remain in use to this day, and they gave their name to a creek that still flows on the property.


Pescadero, California


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