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Returns March 17, 2022

Little Apple Treats

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Dan Lehrer and Joanne Krueger along with along with one full-time helper and their son Julian.


Four years after starting their plant nursery in their backyard in the Berkeley flatlands, Dan and Joanne bought an apple orchard on a hillside west of the town of Sebastopol. The couple converted the land to organic, planted some new apple trees, and erected three greenhouses for plant starts. The sell their apples and plant starts under the name Flatland Flower Farm. They have also started making value-added products from their apples. From the juice, they make apple cider vinegar and apple caramels. From dried organic apples, they make apple granola and apple bark.


The dried apples are grown on Dan and Joanne’s farm and are certified organic. Many of the other ingredients, such as rolled oats, nuts, and cane sugar, are also organic.


Fun Fact

Dan and Joanne make the apple juice for their apple cider vinegar and apple caramels on a wooden press. It takes 12o pounds of apples to make 1 gallon of apple syrup for the caramel base.


Sebastopol, California


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