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Little Organic Farm




David Little and family, along with 2 full-time employees and occasional seasonal helpers.


5 parcels comprise 60 acres in Marin and Petaluma (approximately 57 miles to Ferry Plaza Farmers Market).

Farm History

A third-generation Marin roofer, David started farming potatoes in 1995 after falling in love with the West Marin countryside. He is deeply committed to consumer education and believes that “integrity is as important as organic.”


Marin Organic (MOCA) since 2002


The farm’s coastal sandy loam is amended with compost to promote strong plant growth. Ground oyster shells provide a natural source of calcium that is essential for preventing tomato blossom end rot. Cover crops are planted to not only prevent soil erosion, but also to boost the soil’s content of nitrogen.

Water Use

All of David’s potatoes are dry-farmed. He uses a tillage technique involving discing, plowing, and compressing, which serves to hold moisture from winter rains in the soil through late summer. This eliminates or minimizes the need for irrigation, depending on the weather in a given year.

Weed Control

Hand and mechanical cultivation.

Pest Management

Habitat for beneficial insects, crop rotation, and gopher traps.

Fun Fact

Potatoes have been dry-farmed in Marin County since the 1800s.


Petaluma, California


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