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Medrano's Flowers


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David Medrano, his wife, Rosa, and their children, Carla, Saul, and Mauricio


5 acres in Dixon (Solano County), 70 miles from the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market.

Farm History

David Medrano has been in the cut-flower industry for more than 30 years. He began by washing buckets at a floral wholesaler, and little by little learned to do other tasks until he was promoted to wholesale manager/salesman. After working for the wholesaler for almost 15 years, David decided to start his own flower farm. He began growing in 2001 with a small variety of flowers, which has diversified to over 60 varieties of flowers year-round. Today, Medrano’s Flowers is operated with the help of David’s wife Rosa, and his children Carla, Saul and Mauricio. They have been selling directly to their customers at farmers’ markets for almost two decades. While farming takes grit, David believes the hard work is all worth it, selling directly to customers at the farmers market.  David gets to do what he loves along with spending time with his family. He hopes to pass Medrano’s Flowers on to his children one day.

Fun Fact

David Medrano’s favorite flowers are Canterbury bells.


Royal Oaks, California


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