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Old Dog Ranch


Mollie and Roger Sitkin, along with 5 part-time employees


1,000 acres in Linden, about 98 miles to San Francisco


Located in the San Joaquin Valley, Old Dog Ranch has seen many transformations since Mollie’s great-great grandfather purchased the land in 1918. It was originally a sheep ranch, and Mollie’s father, Roger, started growing apples, blueberries, and annual crops when he took over. Apple trees gave way to walnut orchards, which thrive in the area’s deep, well-drained soil and low winter temperatures. A small portion of the land is farmed; 85% of the ranch is wildlife habitat. Two of the Sitkins’ three walnut Orchards are Regenerative Certified Organic. To diversify the farms’ offerings, Mollie launched the farm’s value-added product line, including seasoned walnuts and walnut butters. walnuts, and introduced five bee hives that produce the honey used in the walnut butter.


Some of the farm has been certified organic by California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) since 2012, while some is currently in transition.

Fun Fact

Old Dog Ranch is named for the Sitkin family’s two long-lived canine companions, Mollie Dog and Poppy.


PO Box 370070
Montara, California 95236


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