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Olsen Organic Farm

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Ken Olsen and Marilyn Conn, plus 4 part-time helpers during harvest.


20 acres in Lindsay, located at the base of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range below Sequoia National Park, about 180 miles to the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market.

Farm History

When Ken purchased his land (situated at the base of the Sierra Nevada mountain range) in 1996, it had been farmed using conventional methods. From the beginning, he took steps to restore the balance of nature and become a certified organic farm. He also set aside 5 acres as wildlife habitat.
Ken attributes the health of his farm’s soil to cultivating a vibrant ecosystem.


California Certified Organic Farmer (CCOF) since 2002


Clay loam, built with compost and cover crops.

Water Use

Water comes from Lindsay irrigation district, and they irrigate with micro sprinklers.

Weed Control

Machine cultivation and hand weeding.

Pest Management

Creating a habitat for beneficials and releasing of beneficials.

Fun Fact

The farm’s ecosystem includes a nature trail lined with sage, wild roses, and California buckwheat as well as a fish pond stocked with blue gill and bass.


Lindsay, California


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