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Oya Organics


Marsha Habib and Modesto Sanchez Cruz, along with 3 full- and 6 part-time employees.


20 acres in Hollister, about 90 miles from Ferry Plaza Farmers Market.


Marsha Habib started farming as a one-woman, one-acre operation to serve the community and create urban and rural connections. Oya Organics gradually grew to more acreage as her partner, Modesto, and other people joined the farm. They now run a fully diversified farm with about a dozen employees they call their partners and family, but they aim to keep the operation small enough to stay close to the needs of their farmland and community. Oya Organics uses organic practices to take care of and build resilience in the soil, plants, and people. They rotate between 50 annual crops, including tomatoes, squash, brassicas, beans, peppers, and peas, while allowing weeds and insects to coexist in a healthy ecosystem.


Certified organic by California Certified Organic Farmers since 2012


Silty loam managed through crops, mulching, compost, and commercial fertilizers.

Water Use

Drip irrigation and sprinklers.

Weed Control

Hand cultivation, machine cultivation, and mulching. Crops and weeds are often left to go to seed.

Pest Management

Crop rotation, resistant crops, and habitat for beneficial insects.

Fun Fact

Marsha’s grandparents farmed rice in Okayama, Japan, while Modesto comes from a self-subsistence farming family in Oaxaca, Mexico.


Hollister, California


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