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Ramini Mozzarella

Ramini Mozzarella


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Audrey Hitchcock, with 1 full- and 4 part-time staff


95 acres in Tomales, 55 miles to San Francisco


Founded by Audrey Hitchcock and her late husband Craig Ramini, Ramini Mozzarella sells water buffalo mozzarella. Neither Ramini nor Hitchcock were working as farmers before they established Ramini Mozzarella, but they created a unique product, since fresh water buffalo mozzarella is not common in the U.S. After Craig passed away in 2015, Audrey remained committed to the cheesemaking business they created together and their herd of beloved water buffalos. Ramini Mozzarella also offers ricotta cheese, made from whey, a byproduct of mozzarella production. Audrey is committed to putting the animals first, maintaining a small herd and making sure calves nurse with their mothers. The hand-pulled mozzarella is as fresh as can be.

Fun Fact

Audrey Hitchcock names her water buffaloes after famous rock and pop musicians. One of her buffaloes is named Selena Gomez.


175 Gericke Road
Tomales, California 94952


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