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Stepladder Ranch

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Jack Rudolph, along with 5 full- and 1 part-time employees.


740 acres in Cambria, located 242 miles south of the Bay Area.


Jack, a third-generation rancher, came to Stepladder after finding his passion in cheesemaking following a visit to a goat dairy. He eventually quit his job at a tech startup in Palo Alto, purchased his own goats, and moved to his grandfather’s ranch, where he built a creamery and dairy, and manages ranch operations.

Known for their small-batch cheeses, Stepladder uses milk from their pasture-raised heard of Lamancha goats and cow’s milk from a local family-owned dairy. They also raise pastured pork and beef that receive some of the nutritious byproducts of their farming and creamery operations. Depending on the season, Stepladder offers specialty citrus, avocados, passion fruit, and other subtropicals.

Fun Fact

The ranch is located at the northernmost end of the Hass avocado belt, making the avocado orchards Jack’s grandfather planted among the “most local” options in the Bay Area.


Cambria, California


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