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Ugly Pickle Co.


Kayla Abe and David Murphy


Kayla and David connect with farmers and market-goers while making food waste activism fun and tasty. Before launching their pickling business, Kayla came from a family of farmers, produce brokers, and distributors from the Salinas Valley, and David worked as a chef in restaurants for over 12 years, sourcing directly from farmers. They both saw firsthand how perfectly edible food was wasted all along the food chain. For the couple, food waste sparked the idea of a business based on reclaiming ugly produce. With Kayla’s marketing and design skills and David’s culinary experience, they launched Ugly Pickle Co. in 2018.


Ugly Pickle Co. sources their ingredients directly from local farms, such as Capay Organic, Heirloom Organic Gardens, and Lucero Organic Farms, who also sell at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, as well as the delivery service Imperfect Produce. 


Fun Fact

Kayla and David first met each other at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market.


San Francisco, California


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