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Zuckerman's Farm





Roscoe Zuckerman along with 50 full-time and 250 seasonal employees.


1,500 acres in Stockton, about 80 miles from the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market.

Farm History

Roscoe Zuckerman is the third-generation farming this land. His grandfather (also named Roscoe) arrived in the Delta area in the 1920s and fell in love with the rich soil. Zuckerman’s Farm is located on an “island” in the Delta region formed by the San Joaquin and Sacramento rivers flowing toward the San Francisco Bay. The water is held at bay by levees that surround the farmland. The Zuckermans once had upwards of 15,000 acres in the area. Over the years, the farm has survived many floods. All members of the Zuckerman family have been part of the farm in one way or another. When asked what he likes most about farming, Roscoe replies, “I like knowing that I’m doing something that others are enjoying and that I’m helping to feed the world.”




Soil type is “peatland.” It is made up of 90% organic material deposited over the years from tule marshes and peat bogs, created by rivers flowing down. The Zuckermans use some commercial fertilizer, but also cover crop with oats that are tilled back in. A foliar feed is applied through sprinkler irrigation.

Water Use

Sprinkler irrigation and spud ditches in fields. The water table is at 4.5 feet, and the farm maintain levees by inspecting them twice a day, looking for cracks or sloughing.

Weed Control

Mechanical cultivation and some commercial herbicides as needed.

Pest Management

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach that includes beneficial insects, light pesticides, organic pesticides, and crop selection.

Fun Fact

Zuckerman’s Farm is located between 12 and 20 feet below sea level!


Stockton, California


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