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March 01, 2013

Where's the Local Wheat?

The demand for locally grown and milled whole-grain wheat is on the rise, but only a few farmers are growing it.

September 13, 2012

Seeds of the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market

CUESA celebrates the 20th anniversary of the one-time Ferry Plaza Harvest Market, which grew into the market we know and love today.  

June 08, 2012

Why Chefs Matter to Farmers

More than 130 chefs regularly shop at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market. Learn why their business matters so much to farmers.

October 21, 2011

Farm to Jar: Live Earth Farm and Happy Girl Kitchen

On a recent CUESA farm tour, a group of adventurers got a taste of an integrated local food system by visiting Happy Girl Kitchen and Live Earth Farm. View the slideshow.

March 18, 2011

Does Sustainable Food Taste Better?

It’s a surprisingly tough question to answer. Hear from a range of people on the topic.



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