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August 03, 2012

Farming without Water

As the nation grapples with the worst drought in decades, farmers on the coast of California practice the lost art of dryland agriculture.

July 23, 2010

The Farmer and The Fisherman

Farmer and fisherman agreed that the issue of water in California is less about agriculture versus fishing than it is about big business versus public interest.

June 18, 2010

Kijiji Grows: Aquaponics for Urban Sustainability

“I’m trying to go beyond the ‘green’ trend,” Maundu said. “It’s about creating connection.”

March 06, 2009

Farmers Brace for Drought Despite Rain

Farmers must plan ahead to work with the highs and lows of water availability. This winter has been a roller coaster with fluctuating snow pack and reservoir levels.



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