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What's Your Stone Fruit Name?

Honey Diva. Dapple Dandy. Diamond Princess. Peaches, plums, pluots, and nectarines have some of the sweetest, fanciest, and flashiest names. What’s your stone fruit persona? Find out in two easy steps!

First, find the name associated with your birth month:

Birth Month
Fruit First Name
January Arctic
February Sparkling
March Flavor 
April Diamond
May Emerald
June Honey
July Sun
August Scarlet 
September Golden
October Autumn
November Crimson 
December Elegant 

Next, use your birth day to locate your last name:

Birth Day
Fruit Surname
1 Beauty
2 Dutchess
3 Brite
4 Dandy
5 Sweet
6 Flame
7 Glow
8 Haven
9 Grand
10 Fire
11 Delight
12 Heart
13 Mist
14 King
15 Rose
16 Princess
17 Queen
18 Royal
19 Star
20 Blaze
21 Supreme
22 Diva
23 Giant
24 Splendor
25 Crest
26 Pride
27 Dream
28 Lady
29 Bell
30 Snow
31 Gold 

Put them together, and voilà! Share your stone fruit name with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.



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